This article is about a/an ally in Kamen Rider Black.

Yoichi Daimon is a scientist who was recruited by Gorgom to create the Road Sector before the Three High Priests gave orders for mass production for their plans of world conquest. Convinced that the bike shouldn't used for evil means, he hid it in a safe place. When Gorgom discovered it, they sent the Bat Mutant to kill him and Hotaru, wife of his son Akira Daimon.

Akira hid in the mountains and trained his son Kenichi on how to ride a motorbike in order to master the Road Sector. Akira gave possession of the Road Sector to Black to use for the good of mankind after he defeated the Longhorn Beetle Mutant and saved Kenichi from High Priest Baraom and the Bat Mutant.