This article is about a/an episode of Imagin Anime in Kamen Rider Den-O.

You Will Find the Ul*ra PlanetIcon-crosswiki (きみにも見えるウル○ラの星 Kimi ni mo Mieru Uru*ra no Hoshi) is the twelfth and last animated short of Imagin Anime 3.


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Finding the headquarters of Toei Animation unguarded, Momotaros attempts a daring break-in and hops from a helicopter... only to be stopped by a powerful energy field. As he crash lands, he finds Kintaros and Urataros already past the gates, Urataros noting that they must have borrowed the barrier from the Kyoshiryuku Labs. Coming to, Momo asks how they got in, being told that they went through the gate like good people as they were going to see the animation gallery. Through this, Momo reveals his plan: to replace Toei's mascot, Pero, with himself. Kin points out that's impossible as Pero was created by Hayao Miyazaki. Ura and Kin stop Momo from trying this plan when their talk brings another figure into play - Ultraman Taro, who Ryuutaros says is now the new star of Imagin Anime. However, Momo takes offense of it and attempts to attack, whose stopped by Ura fearing legal ramifications whose stopped by Kin who thinks the worrying is stupid. The trio soon get into a fight and Ryuu suggests he and Taro do Den-O by themselves. However, Taro decides against it, not trusting them with the future of the universe. When he's told they never wanted it, he flies off entrusting Den-O to them.

As Taro flies off, Momo reconsiders his dream, Momo reconsiders replacing the mascot... before taking offense at the Heartcatch Pretty Cure! poster, wondering why Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Chypre and Coffret's faces are so big and why he isn't on there. As Momo, Kin and Ryuu argue again, Ura realizes something: they probably don't have the copyrights for all of this!


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