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You are Kamen Rider 4!!
Kamen Rider V3, Episode 51
Kr V3 51
Air date February 2, 1974
Written by Ikuro Suzuki
Directed by Issaku Uchida
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A Little Friendship
The Last Day of Destron

You are Kamen Rider 4!! (ライダー四号は君だ!! Raidā Yongō wa Kimi da!!) is the fifty-first and penultimate episode of Kamen Rider V3.


Marshal Armor has developed a powerful Pluton Rocket that is more powerful than the H-Bomb and the Great Leader orders that it be aimed at Tokyo. Shiro and Joji become suspicious when a group of mountaineers are killed mysteriously in a remote valley. While investigating, they are attacked by mutant Crawganna who protects the Destron missile base. But, V3 and Riderman fail to stop Marshal Armor from starting the cataclysmic countdown.


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DVD Releases

V3 DVD Vol 9

Kamen Rider V3 Volume 9, DVD cover.

  • Kamen Rider V3 Volume 9 features episodes 48-52.[1]
  • The complete Kamen Rider V3 series was released in a boxset by Hawaii's Generation Kikaida, with English subtitles provided by JN Productions.[2]


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