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Yousuke Togawa (戸川 陽介 Togawa Yōsuke) is a man who was Marina Tsumura's boyfriend.

Yousuke Togawa

Like his girlfriend, he was also fired from his position at Windscale (ウインドスケール Uindosukēru), buys the Magma Memory with his girlfriend to exact their revenge for both being fired. However, while exacting his revenge against Windscale, Yousuke is consumed by the Gaia Memory's power and goes on a rampage. Shotaro finds Yousuke at the fifth Windscale building and defeats him as Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker, executing the Joker Extreme Maximum Drive to destroy the Magma Memory. Before Yousuke can be handed over to the police, he is abducted and murdered by the T-Rex Dopant.

Dopant Form

Main article: Magma Dopant
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 235cm
  • Weight: 270kg

By using Magma Memory, he can imbue himself with pyrokinetic abilities as the Magma Dopant (マグマ・ドーパント Maguma Dōpanto).