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Yuzuki Misaki (岬 祐月 Misaki Yuzuki) is a supporting female protagonist in the TV series Kamen Rider Kabuto.


Miss Misakihara

"Miss Misakihana".

A 23 year-old technician and agent for ZECT, she travels with Arata in the field tracking the movements of the Worms. She witnesses first hand how skilled Souji is with finding out Worms when she pretends to be a prostitute in order to get into jail to interview a suspect that she thought was human, but turns out to actually have been the Worm. Later on, she is given the assignment to track Tendou and the stolen Kabuto Zecter. At first she is a tough as nails but soon she begins to question the actions of ZECT and eventually gains respect for Souji after he rescues her from the Worms. However, she was still irritated by Tendou when he implies that she and Arata make a cute couple. She used herself as bait by disguising herself as Phantom Thief Shadow and tended to Arata when the Gatack Zecter attacked him. She loves buckwheat soba, and can eat entire ramen bowls in seconds. A Worm disguised as her was sent to attack Souji's sister, but ended up meeting Tsurugi. The Worm reminded Tsurugi of his dead sister, but he ended up destroying the Worm. However, because of this, he gained a strong attraction to Misaki. As the series progressed, Misaki slowly began to reciprocate to Tsurugi's feelings, and accepted his request to spend Christmas day with him. Unfortunately, Tsurugi became aware of the fact he was Scorpio Worm and was eventually destroyed in battle by Kabuto, despite Misaki's pleas to stop. During the epilogue, Misaki becomes the head of Tsurugi's corporation to honor his name.

35th Masked Rider Anniversary File

Misaki is one of a group of five characters from Kabuto who appear hosting the 35th Masked Rider Anniversary File, a collection of five featurettes shown during episodes 23 through 27 of Kabuto, this segment acted as a look back to the Kamen Rider franchise and an early advertisement for the God Speed Love movie.

Behind the scenes


Yuzuki Misaki was portrayed by Anna Nagata (永田 杏奈 Nagata Anna).


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