This article is about a/an monster in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
Episodes: The Power of Two
The Many Faces of Xaviax
Strike's Ultimatum
A Rider's Resolve
Season: Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
Height: n/a cm
Weight: n/a kg

A blue, male, Longhorn Beetle monster that wields a boomerang. He counters Kit's Sword Vent so Kit summons his Strike Vent as a diversion to get to his sword. Managing to escape, Kit and Len later encounter the monster by the pier and followed him through the mirror. After a fight with the Newt Monsters, the Blue Beetle was destroyed with a Final Vent combo by Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. Another one attacked Len with a Terabiter while Dragon Knight fought Strike, Axe and Spear. Wing Knight destroyed them both with his Final Vent. A Zenobiter was seen in a flashback fighting Wing Knight alongside Wiskraken and Sonorabuma.

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